About PAS

Property Acquisition Services, L.L.C.  has the staff and the experience to provide excellent service on all of your future projects.

All of Property Acquisition Services, L.L.C.’s managers have qualifications that have been approved by the Department of Transportation in the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, New Jersey, Florida and the State of Arizona.  We look forward to adding your agency to our projects.

We are interested in partnering with your agency and your department can expect our staff will be committed to all projects that are awarded to us.  We have similar projects that have been completed and will be referenced in the Qualifications Statement.

Our firm is a Turnkey firm and uses the model as set forth by the Department of Transportation in Oklahoma, Utah and Texas. We will utilize a Project Manager with 20 years of experience and the SRWA designation as accredited by the International Right of Way Association.  We will also use 2 relocation agents and 2 acquisition agents.  We have agreements with state qualified and licensed appraisers.  We have as a part of our firm a licensed attorney that serves as the general legal counsel.   All of our key personnel can multi-task and will work together as a team to provide your agency professional results in a timely manner. We will provide a satellite office in close proximity to your agency, and if awarded the contract, we will use that office as our project headquarters.

Please be assured that Property Acquisition Services, L.L.C. has the right people and experience in the positions to insure that your project is successful.    We are all professionals and follow strict guidelines that will insure your agency’s adherence to all federal, state, and municipality rules that apply to relocation of both businesses and residents.  Our acquisition branch employees are all qualified with the various states’ Department of Transportation.

Our firm will assist your agency with procedures for weekly reporting of acquisitions and relocations and a member of the acquisition team and the relocation team will attend all meetings with your agency.  We realize that reporting is the most important thing that one can do to keep all involved abreast of the progress of the project and we will work with your agency to decide which type of form reporting would best fit the project.  Our recommendation would be that your agency use reporting as stringent as that used by other agencies that have federal funding.  We will work with your agency to set standards of reporting that will protect the agency and insure compliance to the Uniform Act.

We look forward to working with your staff and believe we have the most qualified firm available.

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